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Getting Started with ProxyEG for VMware

Hello everybody,
This is a getting started guide to ProxyEG the VMware version

  1. After downloading the appliance from, extract the zip file, you will find two files, ProxyEG.ovf and ProxyEG-1.vmdk


  1. Login to VMware ESXi web interface.

  2. Click (Create /Register VM) then choose (Deploy a virtual machine from OVF or OVA file)

Deploy a VM

  1. Click next, and upload both the OVF and the VMDK file extracted.

Upload OVF

  1. Click next, then choose your datastore


  1. Click next, then tune your VM network configuration

Network conf

  1. Click next, and review your deployment configuration, if everything is fine, click finish.


  1. Go to the VM page and power it on

Power on

  1. login using default username and password proxyeg, then type IP a to show address (on the line after eth0)

  2. If you cannot find your IP, because for example you do not use DHCP for your installation, you can manually configure your network editing /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/eth0 using nano text editor, or you can configure it with nmtui-edit.


  1. After editing your connection, pressing OK and quit, you can reconnect using nmcli connection up eth0


  1. ping your gateway to check if you are successfully connected

ping # or whatever is your gateway IP address